Poll: Democratic Party the Most Progressive

Supporters of the main liberal party identified themselves as more progress than minor leftist parties.

Poll: Democratic Party the Most Progressive

Gallup Korea periodically surveys ideological self-identification, asking whether the respondents identify themselves as “conservative,” “moderate,” or “progressive.” Gallup found that the electorate as a whole became more progressive in the past five years, using the “ideology score” of 1 to 5 with 1 being “very conservative” and 5 being “very progressive.”

In January 2016, the average ideology score was 2.89; in January 2021, the average score was 3.05. The supporters of the ruling Democratic Party 민주당 identified themselves as the most progressive with the average score of 3.57, leading other minor progressive parties such as the Open Democratic Party 열린민주당 (3.53) and Justice Party 정의당 (3.38).

The main opposition People Power Party 국민의힘 had the most conservative supporters (2.29), followed by the center-right People’s Party 국민의당 (2.78). Those who supported no political party leaned slightly conservative at 2.91.

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