The Blue Roof is the first English language site dedicated solely to news and analysis on South Korean politics.

Photo: Welcoming Ceremony at the Blue House for Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, April 29, 2019. Credit: Cheong Wa Dae Presidential Security Service (eng.pss.go.kr/) Hyoja Studio(open.pss.go.kr) Official Photographer : Kang Min-seok

South Korea is an Important Country

East Asia is the world's most important region, and South Korea is among the most important countries in East Asia. South Korea is the front line of liberal democracy against North Korea and China and a key US ally in the region. It is a top-10 economy and military power. Few can rival Korea's soft power, as Korean pop culture is sweeping the world. If East Asia were Europe, South Korea would be as important as the United Kingdom, France or Germany.

South Korea May be the Most Under-Covered Major Country

Unfortunately, in the English language media, South Korea never received the coverage that is proportionate to its importance. This is especially true for South Korean politics, which sets the direction of the country. The democratic politics of South Korea is famously dynamic, yet even the most basic information about South Korea's politics is not available in English. Even with foreign policy experts, South Korea is rarely discussed as a topic on its own. The result is a distorted, oversimplified view of an important country with 50 million people.

We Want to Address This Need

The Blue Roof is the first English language site dedicated solely to news and analysis on South Korean politics. Our name comes from the Blue House, South Korea's office of the president and the ultimate symbol of Korea's political power.

Our goal is to provide real time, on the ground perspective of South Korean politics, giving an overview of the key players and the driving narratives. We - a team of journalists and writers based in South Korea and the United States - achieve our goal by actually reading the news from Korea, actually speaking with politicians, and actually interacting with the Korean public, to give an accurate picture of South Korean politics as it unfolds at this moment.

We always welcome feedback on how we are doing and how we can do better. Please contact us at admin@blueroofpolitics.com

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