55th Anniversary of the Tay Vinh Massacre in the Vietnam War

One of the worst atrocities committed by South Korea's military.

55th Anniversary of the Tay Vinh Massacre in the Vietnam War

Photo: Korea-Vietnam Peace Foundation's visit to Tay Vinh.  Credit: Website of Korea-Vietnam Peace Foundation.

During the Vietnam War, between February 12 and March 17, 1966, the South Korean military fighting alongside the United States massacred more than 1,000 unarmed civilians in the town of Binh An, which is known today as Tay Vinh. In the Go Dai area, the South Korean military massacred all 380 villagers within an hour; the Go Dai village to this day holds a memorial for the dead on January 22 of the lunar calendar, when the villagers were massacred.

Delegates from the Korea-Vietnam Peace Foundation 한베평화재단 visited the village in 2016 to attend the 50th anniversary memorial and offer their apologies. All three liberal presidents of South Korea - Kim Dae-jung 김대중, Roh Moo-hyun 노무현 and Moon Jae-in 문재인 - have issued a statement of apology to Vietnam for South Korea’s involvement in the Vietnam War, with Moon apologizing twice in November 2017 and again in March 2018.

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