Still a Long Way to Go for Gay Rights: Data

CEOs and celebrities are acceptable, but not babysitters and school teachers.

Still a Long Way to Go for Gay Rights: Data

Credit: Public domain.

An August 15 survey by Hankook Research 한국리서치 reflected the progress that South Korea’s LGBTQ+ community has won - as well as how far it still has to go to achieve social acceptance.

The survey presented  examples of twelve occupations and asked respondents whether it was acceptable for sexual minorities to hold such jobs. Acceptance was relatively high for corporate CEOs (65%), celebrities (64%) and medical doctors (59%), and sat at 50% or above for police (53%), judges (51%), legislators (51%) and soldiers (50%).

Respondents were less accepting of hypothetical LGBTQ+ presidents (34%), babysitters (38%), elementary school teachers (38%), clergy (42%) and professional athletes (47%).

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