Solitude Means More Meat-Eating: Data

Increase in single person households means more meat and delivery food consumption.

Solitude Means More Meat-Eating: Data

Credit: Public domain.

In a poll conducted by Amway Korea and Gallup Korea from April 18 to 21, Koreans were found to be more frequently skipping breakfast while eating more meat and instant food.

Only 56.8% said they always eat breakfast, down 8.5 points from the same survey conducted in 2017. Compared to five years ago, the people who said they eat meat frequently increased by 2.9% (to 57.2%); instant food, by 1.5% (to 5.5%). Just over half (50.3%) said cooking is their main way to prepare meals; delivery/takeout (21.6%) or meal kit (11.7%) are also popular.

The trend appears to be the result of the increase in single person households, which are less likely to cook. (See previous coverage, “More Koreans Live Alone.”)

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