Rich People and Their Pets: Data

Wealthier people with bigger homes own pets.

Rich People and Their Pets: Data

Credit: Volvo.

According to a Gallup Korea poll, 24% of Koreans over 13 years old live with a pet, mostly either dogs (18%) or cats (5%). Pet ownership is common among Koreans in their 50s and younger, while Koreans in their 60s and older (17%) were the only age group to report less than 20% pet ownership.

Pet ownership is directly correlated to wealth and house size: 18% of respondents earning less than KRW 3m (USD 2.3k) per month owned a pet, compared to 28% of respondents earning more than KRW 6m (USD 4.6k) per month. 19% of respondents with homes smaller than 19 pyeong (676 square feet) owned a pet, as opposed to 29% of respondents with homes larger than 40 pyeong (1,423 square feet).

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