Misogynistic Campaign Pledge Leads to Greater Online Sexism: Data

Words may not be sticks and stones, but words by leaders cause real world harm.

Misogynistic Campaign Pledge Leads to Greater Online Sexism: Data

Graph: Difference in the frequency of misogynistic comments before and after Yoon Suk-yeol's call to abolish the Gender Equality Ministry.  Credit: Seoul Shinmun.

According to a study by Seoul Shinmun 서울신문 and Underscore Media 언더스코어, Yoon Suk-yeol 윤석열’s presidential campaign pledge to abolish the Gender Equality Ministry 여성가족부 led to a measurable increase in anti-women online messages.

Analyzing the comments on online news articles regarding women or the Ministry of Gender Equality, the study found that 11.4% of the comments expressed sexism or misogyny in the month prior to Yoon’s pledge. But in the month after Yoon’s pledge to abolish the ministry, the proportion of misogynistic comments jumped to 17.9%.

By reviewing the commenters whose identity and political stance were discernible, the study found that the proportion of misogynistic online comments jumped across the board of partisanship, although conservative and moderate users showed a greater increase than liberal users.

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