Former Conservative Lawmaker's Prison Sentence Confirmed for Influence Peddling

The Supreme Court confirmed Kim Seong-tae's sentence. Kwon Seong-dong was found not guilty for taking bribes, but his bribes-giver was found guilty.

Former Conservative Lawmaker's Prison Sentence Confirmed for Influence Peddling

Photo: the Supreme Court.  Credit: The Supreme Court of the Republic of Korea.

The Supreme Court 대법원 confirmed the guilty verdict for former People Power Party legislator Kim Seong-tae 김성태 전 국민의힘 의원 for using influence to find a job for his daughter. On February 17, the Supreme Court confirmed the suspended sentence for Kim, who was charged with bribery for preventing Korea Telecom’s president Lee Seok-chae 이석채 from appearing as a witness for the legislative audit in 2012 in exchange for the company hiring his daughter.

Separately, the Supreme Court confirmed the not-guilty verdict for People Power Party legislator Kwon Seong-dong 권성동 국민의힘 의원 for a similar influence-peddling case. Kwon was previously charged with allegations that he pushed the publicly owned Gangwon Land 강원랜드 casino to hire eleven of his interns and staffers in 2016. However, the Supreme Court also confirmed the three year prison sentence for the president of Gangwon Land at the time, for coercing his subordinates to hire Kwon’s staffers.

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