35-Pyeong Condo is the Ideal: Data

The gold standard of high rise condos.

35-Pyeong Condo is the Ideal: Data

Image: A typical floor plan for a 34-pyeong condominium. Credit: Naver.

South Korea’s housing market is dominated by high-rise condos. According to a recent study by Gallup Korea 한국 갤럽, Korean consumers prefer condos measuring around 35 pyeong 평 (1,250 square feet or 115 square meters), with convenient access to public transit and a gym or clinic inside the complex or nearby.

The survey found that the ideal 35-pyeong condo, often referred to in Korea as the “national pyeong 국평”, is firmly established as the gold standard: regardless of age, marriage status or number of family members, 35-pyeong condos were the most commonly preferred across all demographics. For home buyers, the top three considerations in selecting their current condos were convenient access to public transit, distance to the workplace, and convenient access to commercial areas.

Gyms were by far the most commonly desired condo amenity (68%), followed by saunas (39%) and recreation rooms (32%). Hospitals and clinics (66%), supermarkets (60%), pharmacies (58%), and banks (57%) were home buyers’ preferred commercial services to have in the area. 

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