Spy Agency Interfered with Overseas Voting in 2012

The National Intelligence Service agent who blew the whistle was tortured with sensory deprivation.

Spy Agency Interfered with Overseas Voting in 2012

Photo: the National Intelligence Service.  Credit: Website of the National Intelligence Service.

According to MBC News, Won Se-hun 원세훈, then-chief of the National Intelligence Service 국가정보원, pushed South Korean embassies abroad to delay issuing new passports to Korean nationals - who tend to lean liberal, as they are often study abroad students - so as to limit their ability to vote.

The NIS whistle blower also claimed that he was tortured after objecting to the operation by being placed for several days in a small white room intended to cause sensory disorientation. Won is currently serving a prison sentence for a different domestic political interference.

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