Nuclear Energy Stocks Enjoy an Election Bump

President-elect Yoon has been emphasizing the importance of the nuclear industry.

Nuclear Energy Stocks Enjoy an Election Bump

Photo: Nuclear power plant constructed by Doosan Heavy Industries.  Credit: Doosan Heavy Industries.

Presidential administration change means new business opportunities. As president-elect Yoon Suk-yeol 윤석열 당선인 has emphasized the importance of nuclear energy, related companies such as Doosan Heavy Industries 두산중공업 and Iljin Power 일진파워 saw a 10% to 30% bump in their share price overnight.

Semiconductor industry and online platform businesses also expect a healthy business environment in the new administration. As the global supply chain is emerging as a major issue, the Yoon administration is likely to focus on ensuring that South Korea’s dominance in semiconductor manufacturing continues.

The Yoon administration is also likely to deregulate the online platform industry, which was facing increased scrutiny as logistics and delivery workers were sacrificed during the pandemic. (See previous coverage, “Outsourcing Death.”)

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