Minor Democratic Party Leaders Declare a Presidential Run

Four Democrats announced a presidential run, with heavyweights expected to announce later this month.

Minor Democratic Party Leaders Declare a Presidential Run

Photo: Gangwon-do Province Governor Choi Mun-sun.  Credit: Twitter account of Choi Mun-sun.

With the presidential election less than 10 months away, several Democratic Party leaders declared a presidential run. Thus far, two term Assembly Member Park Yong-jin 박용진 국회의원, Chungcheongnam-do Province Governor Yang Seung-jo 양승조 충청남도지사, and Assembly Member Lee Gwang-jae 이광재 국회의원 each declared their candidacy in the past month. The latest addition is the Gangwon-do Province Governor Choi Mun-sun 최문순 강원도지사, who gained popularity through his online sale campaign of potatoes, the specialty of his province.

Barring unforeseen events, none of them are expected to make an impact in the presidential race. The heavyweights of the Democratic Party, including Gyeonggi-do Province Governor Lee Jae-myung 이재명 경기도지사, former Prime Ministers Lee Nak-yeon 이낙연 전 국무총리 and Jeong Se-gyun 정세균 전 국무총리, and former Justice Minister Chu Mi-ae 추미애 전 법무부장관 are expected to declare their intentions in June.

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